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Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems, Eagan Minnesota is the world's largest producer of open systems, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based computing, display, and networking equipment for military applications.  The foundation of this business is the AN/UYQ-70 (Q-70) program, widely used in U.S. Navy applications, other Department of Defense applications on sea, land, and airborne military platforms.  The Q-70 is also in naval systems in Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, and Spain.

The Q-70 hardware and software architecture provide the cornerstone for implementing or modernizing combat, mission critical, and Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Tracking.  The Ruggedized Computing Infrastructure (RCI) business unit of Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems (LMTS) specializes in delivering affordable, reliable, and distributed computing infrastructures for military environments.  Our proven techniques allow us to capture the latest commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, achieve reliability through ruggedization, and apply open system solutions to interconnect combat, shipboard control, damage control, navigation, and communication systems. 

Instead of focusing solely on specific hardware and software applications, we engineer total shipboard processing infrastructure solutions.  In so doing we provide the processing foundation and network interconnection that allows the applications provider to build coherent network-centric applications.  The results for our customers are:

  • Networks that interconnect multiple previously separate shipboard systems

  • COTS system management applications

  • Middleware that facilitates efficient network communication among the various ship systems

  • COTS network applications that provide common services such as e-mail, office support, and domain services

  • COTS computing and display products to host system applications.

For both surface and subsurface platforms, we develop total ship infrastructure designs that encompass four key elements: 

  • Open system architectures

  • Commercial technology

  • Planned technology refresh

  • Cross-platform commonality.

 Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems is a world leader in developing ruggedized computing infrastructures.  We stand ready to support all system developers with networking and display systems for any platform.  Advanced technology, flexible contracting methods, economy of scale, life cycle support, and proven performance make LMTS the first choice for advanced, rugged, and high reliability information systems worldwide.

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